My First SPA

Science4you is more than just a Science Experiment it’s an Educational Experience. We strive to find the balance between Education and Fun. Watch your child’s eyes light up as they complete their experiments and help them develop a love for Science.
Each kit comes with a booklet Written by real Scientists to help educate your child with basic science, history and background information on its experiments.
Science4You kits are made in Portugal and tested using strict European standards.
Science4You kits are proven to Boost your Child’s Brainpower!
-Motor Skills
-Social Skills

– The History of Bathing
– How did the first Spa’s come to be and where were they?
– The beauty, well-being and health services that you can find in a Spa
– The Importance of Water as Therapy
– How to make massage oils, exfoliants and bath salts that you can use in your own Spa

Box Contains:
– 36-page educational book
– Soap base
– Large measuring cups
– Plastic Molds
– Pasteur pipettes
– Wooden spatulas
– Plastic Spatula
– Blue food coloring
– Yellow food coloring
– Apple fragrance
– Wooden rods
– Tangerine fragrance
– Citric acid
– Sodium bicarbonate
– Sea salt
– Small measuring cups with lid
– Satin ribbons
– Protective gloves
– Protective film sheets

Number of Experiments:21

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